Meet Sappho Stitches! We're a group of two married couples/four best friends who are passionate about creating sustainably and ethically.




Hailey is obsessed with all things cute and colorful, and crochet is her forte. When she isn’t making colorful garments or sustainable goods, she’s probably watching horror movies or playing with her dog, Sophie. Hailey and her wife, J, have made, worn, and gifted hundreds of knit and crochet items in the three years they’ve been together, and are so excited to continue doing so with their best friends Alyssa and Andrea (while keeping plastic out of landfills!) Hailey believes that fiber arts are for everyone, and wants to make the craft more accessible to all.



Alyssa has been a creator since before she could walk. Over the years she has taken an interest in traditional and digital art as well as fiber goods. In addition to her passion for art and creativity, Alyssa has always had an interest in creating sustainable, environmentally friendly ways of living. Alyssa and her spouse Andréa have been making sustainable switches in their own home for the past several years and are excited to help bring sustainable products into other homes as well.




J is a 26 year-old nonbinary lesbian. Their grandma taught them to knit at 8 years old, and while they didn’t finish a single knitting project until late in high school, they’ve had a deep love for fiber arts ever since. After picking up crocheting a few years ago around the same time as her wife Hailey, she’s been obsessively crafting everything from crop tops to face scrubbies. When she’s not crocheting or cross-stitching, J is playing video games with her wife or spending time with their three pets. J is passionate about creating sustainably and doing what they can to make fiber arts accessible to anyone interested.



Andréa is a 31 year old queer nonbinary individual. They share a love of cross-stitch and crafting, just maybe not the process of shopping for the materials. They would rather create a spreadsheet for the business finances or make dinner for the rest of the team while they bust out some stitches. Andréa has loved getting to work with their wife Alyssa and their two best friends J and Hailey to make sustainable products and works of art while keeping materials out of the landfill.