FREE PATTERN: Crochet Coffee Cozy

If you're anything like me, you LOVE your morning coffee. Whatever your coffee place of choice is, chances are your disposable coffee cup comes with a cardboard sleeve to keep your hands cool. Have you ever thought about how many coffee sleeves you throw away each month? According to Sustainable Brands, 40 million coffee sleeves end up in landfills per day in the United States — generating 2.8 billion pounds of paper and cardboard waste each year.

Sure, reusable tumblers and mugs are a great way to combat this. Sometimes, though, we don't have a reusable mug handy when the coffee cravings hit. If you're looking to lessen your waste production, why not create your very own reusable coffee cozy? All it takes is a small amount of yarn and a crochet hook, and you'll be sipping sustainably before you know it!

The Pattern

This pattern can be made with just about any yarn you have laying around, which is one of the reasons why we love it! We tend to use secondhand acrylic yarn, but cotton, hemp, and wool would also work just fine.

You'll need:

Worsted weight yarn

3.75mm hook

Row 1: Make 13 Foundation half-double crochet. Turn.

**If you're struggling with the Foundation half-double crochet, you can also just chain 14 and add on one additional row at the end.

Row 2-21: Chain 1, Half double crochet through the back loop of each stitch, turn.

Once 21 rows are complete, check your tension by wrapping your cozy around a cup or coffee mug. Add or remove rows as necessary. Slip stitch through both layers to join the sides together. Bind off, weave in ends, and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy making your very own coffee cozy! We'd love to see photos once it's all done. Feel free to tag us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @sapphostitches.

Not feeling up the challenge of crochet? No worries! These cozies are available in our shop.

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