How to DIY a Yarn Winder With What You Have at Home

If you’re anything like me, you love to crochet but HATE chasing a spinning yarn ball or skein all over your craft area. So center pull is the way to go. But you go to start a center pull and then…

Yarn Barf!


Now you have a large clump of yarn to deconstruct before you start your project.

Which is where a yarn winder comes in handy! You can use it to wind your yarn into an easy ball with center pull and you're good to go.


But yarn winders can get expensive, which is why I DIY. In addition to saving money, DIY'ing a yarn winder is sustainable. You don't need to buy anything (that will inevitably be thrown away at some point) because you almost definitely have the tools in your home- toilet paper rolls! So Let's get started!


  • Toilet paper roll

  • Scissors

  • Yarn

~If you're working with a larger skein of yarn, you might want to tape two rolls together or use a paper towel roll if you have one~


Using your scissors, make a small cut on one side of your toilet paper roll

Tuck the loose end of your yarn into the slot

Wrap the yarn around the roll perpendicular to the roll

Hold the roll at a around a 45* diagonal and continue to wind. This will make the yarn run diagonally

Now as you wind, slowly rotate the roll towards you. This causes the yarn to "criss cross" and form the beginnings of a yarn ball

Now tuck in the end and gently pull the yarn off of the roll

The yarn that you tucked into the slot will now be your center pull start. Pull it out and you're good to go!



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